3 Habits That Improve Focus

3 Habits That Improve Focus


Unless you’re a Buddhist monk, you encounter distractions from time to time that minimize your effectiveness in getting your work done.

Improve Your Focus

The internet is especially disrupting with email, messages, status updates, and more. But distractions also include co-workers, family, and our own wandering minds. It seems that we dawdle our lives away five minutes at a time.

The big question is how to defeat this tendency. How can you make use of the Internet constructively without falling victim to its distractive qualities?

Try turning these strategies into daily habits that help you become more efficient and effective in improving your focus:

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1. Use time limits. When we set a time limit, we improve our ability to focus. It almost becomes a game of ‘beat the clock’. Ideally, you should use a timer and limit your work periods to around 25 or 55 minutes – with a 5-10 minute break in between tasks. If a task is going to take longer than 55 minutes, break it down into smaller chunks.

* Having a time limit also forces you to do the most important parts of any work. If you only have an hour, you’re going to have to decide what’s most important. This is much better than deciding to simply work on something until it’s done. Decide how long it should take, and then set the timer.

* If you have any sort of attention challenge, using a timer can increase your ability to keep your mind on the task at hand. The time flies by, and you’ll get more done. You’re likely to even find it relaxing, since you’ll be focused on what you’re doing instead of thinking about 20 other things.

* Research has shown that the most productive schedule for most people is: o 50 minutes of work o 10 minute break o 50 more minutes of work o 30 minute break (You might not be able to get away with a 30-minute break at work, but it’s a good time to get up, walk around, and get a drink.) o Repeat

* Time your breaks. If you decide to check your email or do one of those other tasks that seem to magically go from 5 minutes to 30 minutes or more, using a timer will serve as a reminder. It will also force you to only check on the most important things.

2. Close everything that can be closed. Everything on your computer that isn’t necessary for the task at hand should be closed down. If you don’t need the internet, shut it off. That includes all your email, notifications, games, and blogs. Close your door and unplug the phone, if possible.

* Nothing is going anywhere – it will all still be there when you’re done. One of the keys to being more effective is eliminating the things that make us less effective.

3. Insert a pause, as needed. When you first implement these habits, there will be times that you will have an incredible urge to check your email, Facebook, or Twitter.

What are you focusing on?

* Before you succumb to the urge, take 10 seconds and pause. Take a long, deep breath and ask yourself if you really want to waste your time on something that is largely meaningless, or if you’d rather accomplish something worthwhile. The ability to focus has been largely lost for many of us. However, these easy habits, which anyone can do, can go a long way toward improving your focus and effectiveness at any task. It’s likely to be challenging at first, but you can do it. You can get more done, in less time, by learning to improve your focus and avoiding the things that waste your precious time. Put these three habits into play starting today. You’ll be impressed by how much more you can get done!

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How to Let Go of Family Hurts

Letting Go of Old Family Hurts

Families are complex and all of us are bound to experience some negative emotions from things that happened as we were growing up.

Family Pain Can Be Crippling

No family is perfect, and although your parents might have made every effort to ensure you a safe and happy childhood, unanticipated events occur that might have been out of your parents’ control at the time.

As a result, you might have developed feelings of sadness, disappointment, fears, and even hurt about your early years.

You’ve most likely heard the expression about carrying around “old baggage” with you. Baggage is an expression used when referring to unpleasant emotions and feelings we “carry” throughout our lives, unless, of course, we do something to let go of that baggage. Letting go of old family hurts is critical to living the life you deserve.

Following these steps can help free you from the limitations of your baggage of old family hurts:

1. Write a list of what you feel hurt or disappointed about. Your list might be quite lengthy or it might be brief with just one or two items. Whichever the case, recording what you feel hurt about will help clarify what it is that’s bugging you.

Unfortunately it Affects Everyone

2. Go more in depth about each issue you listed. Specific to each item on your list, record how you felt at the time and how you feel now about the situation. The writing process will help you explore your feelings and identify how you truly feel about the past event.

* Upon completing this exercise, you may discover that you aren’t as upset now about an incident as you once were and realise that you can give yourself permission to let it go.

3. Recognise how this baggage is affecting you now. The way you handle many aspects of your life today could be related to things that happened in your past.

* Do you avoid getting too emotionally close to others for fear of being hurt?
* Do you jump in to relationships too quickly – only to find the other person not to be someone you would normally like to spend time with?
* Maybe you allow your anger to wear away at your close, loving relationships.
* Whatever it is, try to connect past incidents with what you’re doing now to express the negative emotions from those events.

4. Know that you’re worth living a life without the old hurt. You deserve to have a life unfettered by wounds from your past.

5. Make a decision to let go. Tell yourself you’ll no longer be affected by something that happened so long ago. You might want to try these ways to help you let go:

* You could write your old hurts on small snippets of paper and put them in balloons. Then, blow up the balloons, take them outdoors, and let them go. As they float away, imagine your pain floating away, too.

* Another way to let go is to write them down on paper and burn the paper. As you watch your writings safely burn in your fireplace or a barbecue grill outdoors, visualize those hurts being burned up and disappearing from your life forever.

6. From your adult viewpoint, you may now understand what happened. Once you clarify the event, consciously tell yourself that you now understand what occurred and why or how it happened. You’ve gained some insight into the issue. Now you can leave it in the past.

Picture of a happy family

Hypnotherapy just might be the answer for you

7. Commend yourself for your efforts to let go of your emotional baggage. After all, it weighed you down for quite some time. Now you’re free of it. Praise yourself for an important job well done.

You can let go of old family hurts by following these steps. You’ll feel so much better when you release the painful feelings you’ve had for some time. Create the life you so deserve by banishing the past to where it belongs – in the past.

Still hurting, and can’t let go of the hurt? Contact Us for help in this area. Don’t suffer anymore.
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9 Tips to Sharpen Your Memory

9 Tips for Sharpening Your Memory


Some experts believe memory is like a big, huge room filled with various filing cabinets. And in each of those filing cabinets is where memories are stored. Many of those experts also believe we never really forget a memory, but sometimes we just can’t locate it in our vast file room.

As you grow older, the more likely you are to struggle with memory. There are certain strategies we can try to help us remember important information, and to sharpen our minds.

picture of a a man and his brain thinking

Your brain needs exercise also

Try using these 9 tips to keep your memory nice and sharp:

1. Remember the names of those you meet by repeating their names verbally. If we use an individual’s name in the conversation just after we meet them, we’re more likely to recall their name later on.

* For example, if you were introduced to Charlie at a party, you could say something like, “Hi, Charlie, I’m very pleased to meet you.” When you repeat Charlie’s name at the party, you’re increasing your chances of remembering his name later.

picture of a brain with a jig saw puzzle

Eating properly also improves your memory

2. Observe what’s happening around you. In some situations, you may find yourself getting distracted or simply not paying attention. If you can stay consciously connected to the current moment, you will solidify your memory of the event and be able to recall it later.

3. Keep a journal. When you record the happenings of your day, you’re forced to think about it again. Doing that is like rehearsing the information. And with rehearsal comes recall.

* Even if you’re not much of a writer, you can use your journal to jot quick notes or even sketch out a drawing to remind you of what happened that day.

* When you flip through and read your journal again, more thoughts about those events will be prompted to emerge, and you’ll remember.

Test How Fast Your Brain Is!

4. Allow yourself a brief “mind rest.” Interestingly, some new memory research states you can boost your recall later simply by taking a break for a few minutes after learning something new.

* Sitting quietly and relaxing your mind helps you absorb the recently-learned information.

5. Engage in regular exercise. It really is true that taking a brisk 30 minute walk or a bike ride three or four times a week ensures your brain (and memory) stays in shape.

* When you do something to strengthen or build cells, you’re also increasing your ability to remember.

6. Eat plenty of fiber and limit proteins and fats. You’ll allow your brain to perform at its optimal level.

7. Avoid extreme dieting. If your body doesn’t get enough nutrients, you can become sluggish, distracted, and even confused. Consequently, your memory will suffer.

8. Obtain enough sleep. When you’re deprived of sleep, your mind doesn’t think as well and you can easily forget things.

a sign with the word create

Creativity is wonderful for memory

* Strive for the amount of sleep you require, usually 7 or 8 hours for most people. The more rested your mind is, the more likely it is you’ll be able to absorb the next day’s events. * This will help you remember and recall those events at a later time.

9. Incorporate relaxing activities into your daily schedule. Calming activities help you avoid feeling overly stressed or on edge. Rejuvenate your mind by relaxing with yoga, taking a leisurely walk, or reading a book. In general, living a life that’s balanced, healthy, and interesting can help you keep your memory sharp. When you stay active physically and cognitively, you’ll also remember more. Apply this information to sharpen your memory and live your best life!

Contact Us for me information to see if Hypnotherapy can help you in increasing your memory.

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How to Discover the Purpose of Your Life

Discover the Purpose of Your Life


If you’re like most people, you might not have figured out what you’re supposed to do with your life. What is your purpose?

What is a life purpose anyway?

For our uses, we’re going to define it as something that you love to do that also has a great impact on the world. It’s that sweet spot where you’re having a great time and doing something wonderful for as many people as possible.

picture of someone looking for their life's purpose

It’s not too late to discover your life’s purpose

Most of us leave our lives up to chance. We slide into a profession that we don’t hate and stay there or in a similar situation until we’re ready to retire. Living your purpose usually requires taking action with the intention of finding it.

Can’t wait? Contact us now…

There are several ways you can attempt to discover the purpose of your life:

picture of an astronaut exploring a new planet surface

What will you discover about yourself on your journey

1. Describe your ideal day. Project yourself several years into the future and imagine that your life is essentially perfect. What would your life look like? Are you working? What type of work are you doing? What do you do all day? Who is in your life?

* Now that you know what the end looks like, what can you do today to take the first step in that direction?

2. Try austerity. Go camping in a remote place. Leave the food at home, but bring plenty of water. Limit your sleep and just sit with yourself. When you’re miserable, bored, lonely, and tired, sometimes the answers become obvious.

3. Volunteer. Find an organization in your community that interests you. Doing something worthwhile can be a good way to discover your purpose. Even if you come up short, at least you’ll have done something important.

4. Assume you can do the impossible. When anything is possible, what would you do? Take action to bring your dreams to life.

5. Write. Perhaps the most effective way to discover your life’s purpose is to spend an hour writing. At the top of your paper write, “My life’s purpose.” Now spend the next 60 minutes writing whatever pops into your mind.

* When you find something that stirs strong positive feelings within you, you’re probably on the right track.

6. Investigate a new hobby. We all have at least one activity we’ve been putting off until a more convenient time. Doing something new exposes you to new ideas and thoughts. Now is the time to jump in and get started. You might be surprised what you discover.

7. Do something that terrifies you. Skydiving? Public speaking? You might find your life’s purpose during the process of conquering this fear.

* This can be challenging and it might take some time, but get started today.

8. Spend a day being totally inspired. From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, attempt to spend every moment inspired. The right books, music, and movies can help you maintain an inspired mental state.

* You’ll believe you can do anything. What would you do?

picture of a flower at sunrise

Wake up now!

9. Ask yourself what you would do if you had $10 million. How would you spend your time? What would your life look like? Can you figure out a way to make a living doing one of the activities you would be willing to do for free if you had the time? Keep trying the above tips until you’ve found something that really excites you. When you find your purpose, there will be no doubt. Avoid spending all of your life thinking and planning. Get busy living. Finding your life’s purpose will make life exciting and meaningful!

Still not so sure? Call for a Free 10 minute consultation Now!!!

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Can Healthy Competition Lead to Success?

How Healthy Competition Can Lead To Success


Give it your all!

Although you may think of competition as something you watch on television or at your local sports complex, do you realise that some elements of competition permeate your life in all sorts of other ways?

Consider these benefits of healthy competition:

1. Cultivate creativity. Competing in sports, business, or your personal life gives you a chance to show others what you can do.

* Developing your creativity can help you be better at other endeavours you hope to accomplish in life. Competing draws out your creative nature and allows you to practice being creative.

Do your best

2. When you compete, you have the opportunity to strategise. How will you figure out how to make it through the maze of your current challenges? It’s good for you to ponder how you want to play a situation so you can design your own plan of action.

* Building your strategic skills during competition can transfer into other areas of your life. Keep sharpening those skills because they will come in handy in the future.

3. Learn to fight fair. In order to take part in healthy competition, you must follow the rules and know how to fight fairly. If you’ve competed in sports in the past, you know that you win some and lose some.

* Avoid focusing on the outcome. Instead, realise that you learned the rules of the game and how to fairly compete within certain guidelines.

* Regardless of your walk of life, it’s helpful knowing how to compete with integrity.

* When you stay within the parameters of fairness, you can gain closure, knowing that you fought a good fight and that nobody lost.

4. Cooperation is the key to success. You likely learned cooperation through taking part in activities and playing sports as a youngster. Did you ever think that knowledge would last for so many years to come? Cooperation will often help you get ahead in life.

* Think about the benefits of being on a team, whether at work or at play. How exciting is it to work with others towards a common goal and achieve success?

* Whether the goal was to win a soccer game, complete a project at work, or sell a certain amount of goodies at a bake sale, you saw the positive results that come from working harmoniously with others.

5. How you view your own abilities is important. What kind of competitor are you? When you see yourself as a strong competitor, you’ll likely embrace competition and succeed in life. This is true whether you are on the basketball court, at home playing a video game, or in the boardroom interviewing for your dream job.

6. Striving to achieve is powerful. The feeling you get when you compete is unmatched by anything else in life. This element of competition beats all the others, hands down. When you truly want to win at something, you’ll pull out all the stops to attain it.

Always play fair.

* The passion you feel for the “game” at hand will drive you forward to make the goal, win the race, or complete the project. Never underestimate the incredible power of your will to compete. This drive will eventually help you to fulfil your dreams. The elements of competition are likely imprinted in your brain. Regardless of the situation, it’s a fact that you flourish in life when you decide to join in and compete. Tap in to your competitive spirit to achieve whatever it is that you want. The possibilities are endless! Contact Us anytime….

Do you love competition or hate it? Do you avoid it at all costs? Why do you think that is? Would you like to change the way you look at, and deal with competition for the better? Well then you don’t have a moment to waste, Call Now! 

Hypnotherapy, and Hypnosis can be a game changer in your life, and what makes the difference is a good Hypnotherapist. 

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How to Find Happiness Through Nostalgia

Harness the Power of Nostalgia to Find Happiness

Recently, the benefits of nostalgia have been acknowledged.

It’s okay to go back and think about ‘the good old days’.

Experts used to warn against living in the past, but new studies show that memories have positive effects on coping skills and mood. There are constructive ways to go back and honour the nostalgic moments of your life. Don’t want to wait any longer? Contact Us NOW!

Major Benefits, and Power of Nostalgia

1. Feel more connected. The University of Southampton in England is one of the leaders in documenting the impact of nostalgia. Among their findings, they suggest that collective memories make us feel a sense of belonging. Nostalgia gives us our roots and helps us empathise.

2. Understand yourself better. Looking back also creates more continuity in our lives. We learn how our background influences us today.

What do you remember? What was good about it?

3. Discover deeper meaning in your life. Naturally, we tend to focus on important times and people. This makes it easier to see our overall direction and purpose.

4. Increase your self-confidence. Those who regularly indulge in nostalgia also report greater self-esteem. This is a great opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and witness how you thrive through adversity.

5. Boost your mood. Recalling good times is an instant mood booster.

6. Strengthen your coping skills. There are also practical advantages to looking back. If you tend to be nostalgic, you may also demonstrate greater resiliency.

Suggestions for Going Back in Time

1. Go online. Ironically, modern technology makes it easier to access our history. You’re only a few keystrokes away from viewing classic TV shows or ordering the movie candy you grew up eating.

2. Reminisce with others. Reach out to family and friends. Relive the memories of high school by looking through an old yearbook with your sister or best friend.

3. View past experiences as enriching. If yesterday looks better than today, you may be troubled by a sense of loss. Put things in perspective by focusing on how everything comes together to make you who you are.

4. Accept good times at face value. Go ahead and glamourise your first car. Your coming of age counts for more than any rust spots.

5. Process complex events. Even if there were some troubles in your childhood or your first marriage ended, look on the bright side. There will probably still be fond memories you can look back on.

6. Monitor your mood and reactions. It’s natural to become nostalgic when you feel sad or lonely. Realise that you can access old memories anytime, regardless of your mood.

7. Take pictures. Collect and display photos of the things and people you love. Update your computer wallpaper with a photo from your latest vacation.

8. Listen to music. Songs provide a powerful connection to our memories. Have you ever heard a certain song on the radio and been immediately transported back in time? Share your favourite childhood songs with your own children.

Remember the rotary telephone?

9. Play with toys. Get your childhood toys out of the attic and bring them downstairs for a reunion. If you no longer own your favourite old board game, look for it at garage sales or shop for it online.

10. Give the present and future ample attention. Even as you take a trip down memory lane, it’s still important to attend to what’s currently going on in your life and prepare for your future. Keep a healthy balance when thinking about the past, present, and future. Advertisers often invoke the past because they know it sells everything from refrigerators to shampoo. Put nostalgia to work for you. Memories can provide meaningful connections, lift your spirits, and strengthen your relationships.

Let’s see if Hypnotherapy can help you connect with the great things in your past. Call for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consult. Call NOW!

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How to Boost Your Confidence at Work

Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence at Work

As you may have noticed, the nature of business is changing.

Your confidence in your own ability to get or keep a job is key to your success.

With that comes the need to adapt to new expectations. But sometimes it can be more challenging than it sounds. As the expectations of your employers grow, it’s easy to start feeling unsure of yourself.

You may sit and wonder if you have what it takes to excel. Sometimes, you might actually convince yourself you’re less than worthy. While the comfort you felt from routines of the past may now be gone, you can still make an impression.

It’s time to learn techniques to build your confidence at work. Everybody else believes that you have what it takes. Now you just need to convince yourself that you do!

Try these strategies to boost your confidence on the job no matter what your work is:

Do you believe in yourself? If not, why?

1. Do research to keep updated. As expectations change, it may mean continually adapting to fill new roles at work. In some cases, that could mean learning a completely new job from scratch. You can help yourself through that.

* If there’s an outgoing employee who used to fill that role, spend some time getting feedback from him. Find out the intricacies of the job and anything else that may help you along the way.

* Spend some time browsing the internet for ideas. Look for ways to be effective at whatever task you’ve been given.

* It may be necessary to sit down with your employer to find out more about your new role and how it ties into the company’s vision.

2. Schedule your tasks. Sometimes when things seem overwhelming, you may start to doubt yourself. When you’re faced with many tasks at once, it helps to schedule time for each of them.

* Put things in order of importance and focus on them accordingly. You’ll find that the weight on your shoulders starts to ease up.

* Scheduling allows you to showcase that you’re a focused and organised employee who works well under pressure.

* By giving yourself enough time to concentrate on each task, you’ll be more likely to master them.

3. Develop a strong support team. As you transition into new roles or expectations, a strong support team is crucial. It’s a good idea for your support team to consist of both internal and external resources.

* If there is a particular task that’s challenging you, liaise with someone at work who can help you master it. This approach buys you some time to sharpen those skills.

* Find some short courses in your area that can assist you in becoming more proficient.

* When you’re able to get the guidance you need, you’ll start to feel more confident. That confidence ultimately shows itself in how you approach future tasks.

4. Be honest with yourself. Expressing your doubt with taking on new roles can actually have some merit. However, the way in which you express it can make all the difference.

* Express gratitude and appreciation for being selected.

* Highlight current skills that make you an ideal candidate.

* Outline your plans to develop other skills needed to do well.

Do you have the courage to do what it takes to be successful?

* Your employer will gain confidence in you and then your self-confidence will soar.

Remember that you’re as capable as the amount of faith you have in yourself. You have what it takes to do anything you set your mind to. Avoid allowing outside factors test your resolve. If you have faith in what you have on the inside, the rest will fall into place!

Do you need to unblock that which is holding you back? Contact Us for ways to get you started.

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How to Get and Keep a Relationship

Are You Ready for a Serious Relationship?

Have you been on your own for what seems like an eternity?

Have you grown accustomed to asking for a table for one?

Are you comfortable being alone?

Do you find yourself wishing for that special someone to spend time with?

long term relationship

What kind of relationship do you think these two have?

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s time to move forward. Perhaps you’re ready to focus on finding a partner.

Answer the following questions when considering a long-term relationship:

1. Have you completed education and job training? Because work and school require a great deal of time, it’s wise to get them out of the way before pursuing a serious relationship. Once you have more free time, you’ll be able to spend it getting to know someone special.

2. Is your career off and running? Hopefully, the position you’re in at work is perfectly matched to your skills. There’s little job turmoil, you have some great co-workers, and you’re enjoying the work you’re doing.

* Sure, there’ll come a time when you’ll want to move on and explore your other talents. But for now, you’re right where you’d choose to be career-wise.

3. Are you over your last break-up? Be sure the hurt feelings you had over the loss of a prior relationship are gone. You realise that the end of a serious, long-term relationship doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault, and you’ve recovered from the experience.

4. Does finding that special someone consume you? Do your routine thoughts each day focus on having a lifelong partner?

* You want to see a familiar face each morning and make exciting plans for the future together.

* The yearnings inside you cannot be denied any longer.

5. Do you see all that you have to offer to a prospective partner? Good sense of humour-check. Strong communication skills-check. Once you recognise all of your wonderful attributes, you will have the confidence to pursue a close, loving relationship.

6. Are you in good shape financially? You’re working extra hard to pay off your college loans and current bills. You figure that within the next year, you’ll be living debt-free.

* The financial aspect is particularly important because money struggles can add challenges to a relationship.

7. Do you marvel at the love you see? Are you in awe when you look at the incredible connection between your parents, grandparents, or neighbours down the street?

* It is very helpful to have good relationship role-models in your life. The emotional security of these relationships seems to overflow onto you when you’re around those who have solid relationships.

* If you are yearning for a relationship, admit it. Your feelings are real and palpable. 8. Have you done some emotional work and soul searching? In your efforts to find the personal strength you once had, you must look within yourself.

* Have you done your own soul-searching and journaling? Or have you seen a therapist to guide you through emotional situations?

* If you’ve already identified and worked through your own personal struggles, you will certainly have the fortitude to make it through the ups and downs of a romantic relationship.

Did you truthfully answer “Yes” to most or all of the questions above?

Give Hypnotherapy a try. You never know how it can change your life.

If so, this just may be the perfect time for you to pursue a new romantic relationship. Although it’s natural to be a bit unsure when taking the plunge to find a partner, realise that you’ve met and engaged in close emotional relationships with others in the past.

Life is full of highs and lows, whether you are single or involved in a relationship. If you’ve been on your own for a while, you’ve probably had the time to sort out many of these important aspects of your life. If you think you’re ready for a serious relationship, just go for it. Keep your eyes and ears open. The partner of your dreams may be nearby right now.

Call for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consult to see if we can help in anyway. It’s amazing how sweet life is when you have a special someone to share it with. Call Now! 

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How to Lower Job Stress

Five Ways to Lower Stress in Your Professional Life

They say that stress can lower your immune system

Having a career, co-workers, and customers means that you have a particular kind of stress. Unlike much of the stress in other areas of your life, professional stress is often based on the expectations of others. With Hypnotherapy, you can learn to lower your stress levels, which will increase not only your work output, but your joy also.

Try it and see.

With that in mind, it’s important that you find healthy and productive ways to channel that stress. You’ll also want to lower your stress in the first place. When you deal with all sorts of people daily, including negative people, this becomes even more important to your sense of peace and well-being at work.

Your Career with Lower Stress Should Be Your Focus

When it comes to your career, and lowering your stress, focusing on making money and advancing your profession are both more important than the latest office politics or gossip. To be accepted, a lot of people try to be part of the group. Yet this often leads to getting little accomplished during the workday.

When you set a good example by not partaking in the gossip, you lead instead of follow. You can show your co-workers that you care and still be accepted by them, while avoiding frivolous activities during work hours. Such leadership cuts down on your stress, encourages a more positive environment in your workplace, and can even lead to promotions!

Instead of worrying about acceptance, focus on the following:

1. Remind yourself why you work and what your goals for the future are.

2. Breathe slowly and deeply so you can stay calm.

3. Leave stress at the office, where it belongs.

4. Take a lunch hour and breaks, even if you’re busy. You need time to unwind.

5. Get some exercise, even if it’s just getting up from your desk and stretching periodically.

For someone to stress you out, get you angry, or make you feel inferior, you have to give them permission to do so. Rather than give someone a chance to make you feel bad, ignore what others do and concentrate on the things that matter to you. If others at the office talk about you because of this, what does it matter? Your career goals are more important.

Move Away From Stress

When you recognize that stress is something you want out of your life, you can start to move away from stress and toward peace and joy. It may take time, but with effort, you’ll feel less and less stress controlling your workday. When feelings of worry or anxiety approach, you’ll keep them at bay with a poised, thoughtful, effective response.

The direction your thoughts take is often the direction your life takes. When you keep moving forward and focus on the things that matter to you instead of thinking about what everyone else is doing, you’re able to get more accomplished. If you’re only focusing on your work and future, you have a lot less to be stressed out about.

Follow these post-it-notes. t lower your stress.

Take time for yourself, too. Make time away from work to de-stress by doing things you find relaxing. Relaxing in your personal time off the job also helps you keep your job stress at bay.

Most of all, keep things simple. Focus on solutions instead of problems, take deep breaths, and remain calm. You can learn to respond calmly and effectively in the workplace. When you do, your productivity will soar as your stress melts away.

Would less stress in your life be helpful? Call now, and you’ll be on your way to lowering your stress levels at work. 0404 875 574

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How to Solve Trust Issues in a Relationship

How to Solve Trust Issues in a Relationship


Does this ring a bell?

At some point or another, you’re likely to experience trust issues in your relationship. Whether it’s brought about by infidelity, a decrease in your own self esteem, your partner’s newly hired young assistant, or a simple change in your partner’s behavior, your relationship can weather this storm and rise above feelings of uncertainty.

Follow these tips to solve the trust issues you face so you can experience the thriving relationship you deserve:

1. Work on your self-esteem. Many trust issues in relationships that were once thriving stem from personal insecurities. If you’ve experienced significant changes in your appearance or noticed a drop in your self-esteem, it’s important to build up your body image and self worth in order to rebuild the trust in your relationship.

THIS is the question to ask!

* It’s common to become suspicious of the company that your significant other is keeping when your self-esteem plummets. The way you perceive yourself may be the only thing in your relationship that has changed.

2. Reflect on your past. Did something happen in your childhood that has caused you to become wary of trusting your heart to anyone? Did your parents choose to divorce when you were young? Were you sexually abused in the past?

* These things and more can be responsible for your inability to trust others. When you’ve endured emotional trauma, especially during your youth, its effects can last decades. Speak to a therapist to help you find the root of the issue and learn how to work past the event.

3. Talk about any indiscretions. If there has been infidelity within your relationship, it’s vital to hash out all hurt feelings and future expectations.

* If you’ve cheated, it’s normal for your partner to act clingy for a while. They’ll want to know where you are, what you’re doing, and what time you’ll be home. They’ll ask if you’ll be alone with anyone. Answer their questions truthfully and understand that they are hurting.

4. Recommit yourself to one another. Sometimes a relationship needs a sign of recommitment and devotion. Do something special together that signifies that your love can and will overcome anything.

* If you’re married, renew your vows to make it known that your love is abundant and can rise over any obstacles that life may throw your way.

* If you’re dating, go away on a relaxing day trip together and write a letter to each other exclaiming your love and devotion.

Trust, but verify…..

5. Spend more time together. Both you and your partner are constantly changing internally and your needs and wants are also subject to change. Ensure that you’re truly there alongside your partner to witness and be a part of those changes by devoting more time to one another.

Trust is about more than believing that your partner will remain faithful. It’s about trusting that your partner will always be there for you in times of need, while also being a prominent part of the most important events in your life. Work on your trust as romantic partners – and as best friends – to truly guarantee a fruitful union.

You’re not going to be at ease with that person or yourself until you get your trust issues resolved are you?  Call us now! 0404 875 574

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Why Would I Help Others Achieve Career Success?

Follow These Tips to Help Others Achieve Career Success

One of the most rewarding experiences for many people is helping someone else succeed.

You can do this in many ways. Among the best is finding a way to help someone with his or her career. 

A fulfilling career can produce a lifetime of joy and, with some effort, you can help others experience that joy.

When you help others achieve career success, you give them a priceless gift. There are many ways for you to help others advance their career in a way that allows them to be everything they were created to be.

Careers Are More Than Just Jobs 

When you have a job, it’s often temporary. It might be something less than what you’re qualified for, or something you’re doing just so you can get by for the moment. When you have a career, it’s often something you went to school for and something you plan on doing for the rest of your life. Getting help to get that career started can make all the difference.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help others get their careers off the ground. Besides hiring them or giving them financial support, there are other ways to contribute to someone’s launching of a new career. Consider the following options:

1. Be a mentor for good work habits and perseverance

2. Teach others to develop their skill set

3. Encourage others to volunteer with organizations that are a good fit for them

Those who see the job they do every day as part of a bigger career picture often get farther in life. Instead of staying where they are, they always work to move forward with their lives. They might be interested in financial success, but they also want to do something with their lives that leaves their mark of contribution for the next generation.

Encouragement is Very Important to Success

There are certainly stories of people who were successful without positive, encouraging words from others. But most of the successful people in life got there because they were told they had value. People in their lives encouraged them and told them how much they were capable of. By internalizing that information, they started believing it and putting it to good use.

With that in mind, ensure you encourage the people in your life. If you want others to see success in their careers, it helps if you let them know you believe in them. Sometimes all a person really needs is to know that his life matters and that he can make a difference. Having people that believe in him and his ability to live a successful life is very important. 

Keep encouraging people to move forward with their career goals. Some of them may be lofty, but there’s nothing wrong with that. They need to know that they’re capable of more than they’re doing now. When people see that they can accomplish more, they rededicate themselves to their dreams and goals. You can be a part of their success story through your encouragement and support.

We want you too succeed in everything that you do. Call us for a ‘Free” 10 minute consultation today!

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Can Laughter & Humour Increase Your Health & Happiness?

Laugh Your Way to Increased Health and Happiness

Laughter is free, fun, and good for your health. Here are some of the things laughter can do for you, and some ways to bring more joy into your life.

Benefits of Laughter

1. Boost your immune system. Research on the connection between laughter and physical health is still ongoing, but some benefits are clear. Laughing helps to fight stress and may enhance your immune response. This may make you more resistant to colds and other illnesses.

2. Diminish pain. Laughing is an effective way to decrease pain. Many individuals living with chronic pain report that humour helps make their experiences more bearable. Some hospitals even offer laughter therapy to complement conventional treatments for cancer and other conditions.

3. Get a little workout. Every time you chuckle, you boost your heart rate and increase your circulation, which burns more calories than just sitting still. You still need to exercise, but every little bit helps.

4. Improve your mood. Hilarity has a powerful effect on your emotional state. A good laugh instantly relaxes your whole body. Plus, those good feelings last, and may make you feel more positive for hours afterward.

5. Enhance resilience. Learning to see the humour in difficult events is an excellent coping mechanism. Having a flexible outlook will help you bounce back faster from disappointments.

6. Strengthen relationships. Taking pleasure in each other’s company draws people closer together. Laughing together helps us to connect, share happy memories, and appreciate the good things around us.

7. Spread joy to others. Laughing is almost as contagious as yawning. You’re bound to have a good effect on those around you if you use humour appropriately. Smiling and laughing also make you appear more approachable so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to cheer up others. 

Ways to Laugh More in Your Daily Life

1. Smile. It’s easier to break out laughing when you’re already smiling. Make a habit of relaxing your face into a subtle smile. You’ll boost your mood and start to notice more things to smile about naturally.

2. Watch funny movies and other media. It’s always good to learn from the experts. Watch great comedy films, read cartoons, or visit a comedy club.

3. Look for the humour in ordinary situations. Cultivate a jovial outlook. Observe your surroundings so that you notice the unexpected and incongruous events of daily life. Practice exaggerating a typical conversation so that it becomes funny.

4. Take yourself less seriously. You can be conscientious and light-hearted. Learn to poke fun at yourself and your idiosyncrasies. Keep minor setbacks in perspective.

5. Practice being silly. If you have children or pets, join in their games or make up silly stories to tell them. Put a whimsical decoration like a funny calendar or wind-up toy in your office or study to amuse you.

6. Share laughter with the people around you. Seek out people whom you find funny. Take a break at work to join in with people who are obviously having a good time. Tell your spouse a funny story from your day when you get home.

7. Apply humour to challenging situations. Humour is even more important on tough days. You can recognise a serious situation and act responsibly while considering how your circumstances might appear funny in the future or if it was happening in a movie.

Improve your quality of life by laughing more. Laughter is good for your health and easy to share with everyone around you.

Do you know of someone who could use some laughter and humour in their life because they are dealing with some serious challenges? Call now for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consultation. You’ll be glad that you did. Also you can Contact Us here.

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How to Heal Your Shame

You Have the Power to Heal Your Shame


Shame is a complex human emotion that we all experience at one time or another.

You might feel shame because of something about your appearance, events related to your family, or even a lack of education.

How much Shame are you carrying, and don’t even know it?

You might feel you’re not worthy somehow. Shame shows itself in many forms. Even if you struggle greatly with managing your shame, trust in the knowledge that you can heal it.

Consider the following methods to strengthen your emotional health and soothe your spirit:

1. Identify shame’s presence. Because we tend to try to cover up that which embarrasses or demeans us, you’ll probably need to do some personal confrontation of your own emotions.

* Are there particular people in whose presence you feel embarrassed? If so, why?

* Perhaps when you’re in a specific type of situation, you notice that you tend to close down emotionally or feel numb.

* Begin to take note of when your emotions are either stirred up or flat (which means you feel nothing at all).

2. Recognize you’re “only as sick as your secrets.” In the counseling profession, there is a saying: “We’re only as sick as our secrets.” This adage means that the things about ourselves that we keep to ourselves are the exact issues that we need to acknowledge and do something about.

3. Consider discussing your shame with someone you trust. Because shame can be a tough emotion to handle, it’s helpful to have someone you can talk to about it. Whether it’s a close friend, your partner, or a professional, it will free you to put words on those feelings.

The ‘Shame’ would be in not seeking assistance for an answer.

* The more you talk about it, the better you’ll be able to gain some understanding about what triggers your feelings of shame. Not only that, but also talking about your shame de-mystifies it and makes it something real that you can resolve.

* A mental health or counseling professional is trained to facilitate people in identifying their troubling issues and learning to understand and manage challenging feelings. If you believe you could benefit from this type of assistance, by all means, avail yourself of it.

4. Be brave. It requires courage to share your insecurities with another person. Your bravery reveals your passion, strength, and optimism.

5. Learn to love yourself. No matter what your shortcomings, you deserve to experience the uplifting feelings you can get from self-love. Even though you think you have a lot of spiritual “blemishes,” you must allow yourself to see your real beauty within.

6. Connect with your spiritual power. Whether it’s your religion, an interest in Eastern philosophy, or a strong belief in Mother Earth, establish a connection with whatever spiritual power you believe in.

This is a great way to look at life, isn’t?

* When you have a spiritual power you can lean on, you’ll likely find solace and the strength to face and resolve your personal shame.

7. Have confidence that you’ll overcome. At some point in life, we all have our difficulties to deal with, our challenges to manage. Reach deep within yourself and you’ll find the confidence to persevere. * Remember that you’ve resolved challenges before and know that you can conquer this one, too. Shame is a normal human emotion that we’ve all felt. If you’re willing to do the work, you can resolve the hurt and shame you feel inside. Use the methods outlined above to move forward toward a happier, more rewarding life. You do have the power to heal your shame.

Has ‘Shame’ held you back from the juice of life? Would you like to squeeze more out of it? If you think you deserve it or don’t think you deserve it, then call for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consult NOW! 0404 875 574

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How to Defuse a Toddler Meltdown (4 Tips)

4 Tips to Diffuse a Toddler’s Meltdown


As much as you love your toddler, parenting your young child can sometimes be frazzling and stressful possibly causing you a temper tantrum or meltdown as well!

Oh Dear. Ever been through one of these?

Factor in that you might be a stay-at-home parent – on call 24 hours a day – and some days might make you feel like a ticking time bomb! But take heart! Relief is only a few steps away.

Try these tips to diffuse your toddler’s tantrums, or at least help you cope more positively:

1. Breathe. This one is so simple! We do it automatically. Yet, in moments of stress, we tense up and almost seem to hold our breath. If you can catch yourself and notice the tension in your body, then you can remember to breathe out. * Inhale a long, powerful breath of air. Close your eyes and feel the oxygen rushing to every cell of your body, rejuvenating and filling you with positive energy. * Almost immediately, you’ll notice your muscles relaxing and your face softening. The emotional effects will be palpable, too. You may find that you can look upon the situation not with tired frustration, but with compassion.

The More YOU learn, the better you’ll deal with a Temper Tantrum.

2. Let them be. If the environment is safe and you’re at home, sometimes it can be therapeutic for your little one if you just let them have their tantrum. Be calm, and let them cry it out. Eventually, they’ll realize that throwing their fit doesn’t have the effect they wanted, and they’ll usually stop relying on this tactic.

3. It’s not personal. Remember, your toddler isn’t purposely doing anything to you. You are simply the observer of their actions as they try to figure out how they can get what they want. They are stretching their boundaries and exploring their world. * If we can remember we are observers and not the intended receivers, we can approach the situation more calmly, thus reducing or eliminating the stress.

4. Stay in the moment. So many times, frustration arises because our minds want the moment to go differently. Maybe you desperately need to vacuum the floor or get that last load of laundry done. Instead, go with the flow. Recognize that you can make time for the chores later and know that it is okay.

* Your child will never be at this precious stage in their life ever again. What would you rather remember looking back on these early years? All the piles of clothes you folded or the treasured memories you made with your little one? Nurture Yourself, Too To best be there for your children, you have to be there for yourself as well. That means nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. When all three of these needs are met, it’s easier to handle stressful situations such as toddler meltdowns. How can you nurture your own needs?

* Eat a balanced diet of nutrient dense proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

Happy Days once again…

* Make time for yourself. Even during a child’s naptime you can nurture yourself. Avoid doing chores during this time. Instead, do something that rejuvenates you. For example, take a nap, read a book, watch a movie, meditate, or talk with a friend. Doing something that makes you feel like you (and not only a mommy) does wonders for your psyche!

* Feelings of frustration are normal. Talking with a friend can help you sort out what you’re feeling and come up with ideas to see these emotions for what they are. These are just a few ideas. Feel free to use them as a springboard to your own unique solutions. It never hurts to keep looking for ways we can be better parents to our next generation. If you can incorporate some of these tips into your daily parenting life, in moments of toddler meltdowns, you can guide your little one with patience. Instead of reacting with negativity to the tantrum, you will be in a position to offer love and comfort.

At your wits end? Don’t know where to turn? Call us for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consult at

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How to Bring More Security to your Relationship

Easy Ways to Bring More Security to Your Relationship

relationship security

Build Your Self Esteem First! The Rest Falls Into Place.

If your relationship doesn’t feel secure, and sometimes feels like you’re riding a rollercoaster, there are simple ways to feel more secure as a couple. These are techniques you can use by yourself and with your partner to keep you both on a more even course.

Steps You Can Take by Yourself

1. Build up your self esteem. Start out by feeling secure about yourself. Take satisfaction in your own accomplishments. Pursue meaningful goals. Talk to yourself in a way that is kind and motivating.

2. Acknowledge your feelings. If you’re together long enough, you’re bound to have conflicted emotions about your partner occasionally. Accept your doubts, fears and irritations so you can process them rationally.

love, hypnosis,

Nothing Feels as Good as a Secure Relationship. Nothing!

3. Manage stress. A healthy lifestyle will keep you more resilient. * Get plenty of good quality sleep. * Eat right and exercise regularly. * Use alcohol in moderation. * Find relaxation methods, like meditation or massage, that work well for you.

4. Solve your own challenges. It’s nice to have a partner to commiserate with, but stay on top of your own responsibilities. * Learn to do the laundry or make easy home repairs instead of always depending on your spouse to do the job.

5. Try new things. Expand your comfort zone. Take dance lessons or volunteer in the emergency room at a local hospital. You may develop a new sense of assurance and become even more fascinating.

6. Maintain your family ties and friendships. Healthy couples rely on a broad base of support. Spend time with your family and friends. Get to know your neighbors.

Steps You Can Take With Your Partner

1. Communicate effectively. Communication skills are fundamental to any stable relationship. Talk to each other openly and with respect. Pick neutral times for tackling sensitive subjects. * Listen attentively and give your partner your full attention instead of focusing on what you want to say next.

2. Provide mutual support. Celebrate your interdependence. Share household chores and parenting responsibilities. Offer your spouse a quiet afternoon at home while you take the kids out shopping for school shoes.

3. Resolve conflicts peacefully. Expect to disagree at times. Try to see each other’s position and look for ways to compromise. Stay calm and be willing to apologize. * The best solutions make you both feel like winners.

4. Accommodate each other. Be flexible when there is no risk to your wellbeing or core values. Take turns visiting each other’s family on the holidays. Volunteer for extra errands when you know your partner has a tight deadline at work.

5. Stick to your household budget. Financial pressures can cause divisions. Put your household budget in writing. Monitor how you spend, save and invest your money. Plan major purchases in advance.

6. Create your own traditions. Personal traditions give us a sense of belonging and safety. * Make family dinners a priority. * If you both enjoy the theater, buy annual subscriptions to a local theater company.

Hypnotherapy is Amazing

7. Stay close. Flirt with each other. Hold hands when you go out to the movies. Read interesting news stories aloud over breakfast. Put out a vase of fresh flowers in your bedroom.

8. Consider classes and counseling. Being willing to accept expert assistance is a sign of strength. Couples classes can help you learn communication skills and new ways of interacting. Counseling can help you break through issues that are difficult for you to resolve on your own. Work at making your relationship run more smoothly. Building up your self confidence and treating your partner with respect will help you to feel more secure with yourself and each other.

Check out our website when you get a tick. www.Hypnotherapy4u,com.au

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How To Control Your Anxiety in 7 Steps

Control Your Anxiety in 7 Steps


Have you ever felt so pent up and anxious that you couldn’t get simple tasks accomplished?

depression anxiety hypnotherapy

Does Anxiety Drain Your Energy?

One reason for this dilemma is that whenever you’re worried or nervous, you use up precious stores of emotional energy. When this happens, you have no energy left to sustain your daily existence. You feel zapped. And you’ll continue to feel that way until you can alleviate some of your anxiety.

Lack of energy is just part of the negative impact that anxiety has on your life. Anxiety seriously impedes both your mental and physical health. Learning to control anxiety is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.

Following this 7-step process will put you back in charge:

hypnosis can decrease anxiety

Is It Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life?

1. Start a Worry List. Get a spiral notebook specifically for your Worry List. When you start to feel anxious about something, write it down on your list. Doing so will allow you to calm your chaotic thoughts and confidently move on with your day.

2. Establish a time to worry each day. As your worries sneak into your thoughts throughout the day, “gather them up” by jotting down those concerns onto your Worry List. Then, decide on a specific time you’ll worry each day. * You can set up as much time as you want – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even a whole hour to fret and worry.

3. Abruptly stop any worry that occurs spontaneously during the day. When you start to worry throughout the day, say to yourself, “No, I’m not going to worry about that right now. I’ll do it during Worry Time.” * Discover your power by abruptly ceasing your worry outside of Worry Time. * You receive an immediate benefit from this action because it conserves your emotional energy, allowing you to feel more vigorous throughout your busy day.

4. Spend your established Worry Time alone. Close the door. Turn off the television and your music. Avoid playing with your smartphone or electronic tablet during Worry Time. Set a timer for when you’ll stop worrying. Now, get out your Worry List and worry. * Do nothing but think about upsetting topics during your established time. When the timer goes off, stop your anxious thoughts. Strengthen your resolve to focus on the rest of your day free of worry.

5. Play the devil’s advocate. Question your anxiety. * For example, if you worry that people stare at you when you go out in public, take the opposite side. In this case, think, “Maybe people glance at me, but don’t stare.” You can easily test your opposite theory by going to the mall or grocery store and watching for people who do not look at you. * You’ll find the devil’s advocate routine squelches many kinds of unsettling anxieties.

6. Ask yourself, “Does this issue have a solution?” If you can quickly determine whether the challenge at hand is solvable, you can then confidently proceed to put a solution into place to prevent future worry about that issue.

Ready to Solve the Anxiety Panic Habit?

7. Acknowledge that some worries are not within your power to solve. Write these difficulties on a piece of paper, place them in a balloon, and float them up into the sky. In essence, tell yourself you must say “good-bye” to these particular worries because they don’t really belong to you and you have no control over them. When you practice these steps, you’ll be able to manage your anxiety better each day. Plus, you’ll enjoy more emotional energy to spend living the good life you deserve.


Did you know that anxiety can lead to behaviour of perfection because you think that you didn’t do it well enough, or someone didn’t text you back right away etc…

How about a ‘Free’ 10 minute consult to talk about it. Call us now: 0404 875 574

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Coping With the Loss of a Loved One

Coping With the Loss of a Loved One 

Whether the loss of a loved one is expected or sudden, it remains one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in life. It’s hard to cope with the inevitable flood of emotions.

The truth is that your loved one wouldn’t want you to grieve forever. The best honor and dedication would be to lead the rest of your life in a happy and healthy manner. This is why it’s a good idea to cope with your loss after an appropriate amount of grieving time.

Consider the following tips for coping with loss:

1. Be open. Your first reaction to loss may be to close up. You may need time alone to let your emotions out or be tempted to keep your emotions bottled inside. During the initial shock of the loss, follow your instincts toward whichever way helps you cope the best.

When My Parents Passed Away Video.

After the initial grieving, however, it helps to talk about your loss. Talk with others who are coping with the same loss to help you both. It may also help to discuss your feelings with people who are outside of the situation.

 2. Don’t be afraid to cry. Some people keep these emotions inside until it hurts. Men are also more likely to resist the urge to cry. While you might have trouble crying in front of others, if you need a good cry, it’s important to give yourself the chance to do so. The release is likely to make you feel better.

3. Focus on the good. It’s so easy to allow your mind to think about what you didn’t get a chance to say or do. These thoughts make you feel worse and keep you in a somber mood. Instead, think about the good times you shared with your loved one. Think about the times you’ve laughed together. You can even get together with others and discuss the good times.

I’ll See You Again Video with 26 Million Views.


4. Accept yourself. There’s no right way to grieve the loss of a loved one. You can read many articles and books on the subject, but eventually you’ll have to get through it the best way you know how. Familiarize yourself with the stages of grief; it may help you come to terms with your current feelings and to see where you are in the grieving process.

5. Get help. If you’re barely getting through your day-to-day life, perhaps it’s time to seek some help from others. Look into local support groups for people who are going through a similar type of loss. You can even look for help from specially trained therapists or grief counselors.

6. Remember your physical health. When you go through any type of psychological trauma, your physical health often suffers. Ensure you to take the time to look after yourself and your physical health. Exercising and feeding your body nutritious foods will help you stay healthy during this time.

The loss of a loved one is unlike anything else. Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions. Remember: take life one step at a time. These tips can help you get back on the road to healing so you can find your way back on your feet.

You don’t have to go through this by yourself. Connect with us whenever you need too.


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10 No Cost Winter Activities to Enjoy with Your Partner

10 No Cost Winter Activities to Enjoy with Your Partner 

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with new and creative ideas to get you through the winter. Your best bet is to get together with your partner and make lists of things that you both enjoy. Then compare lists and see where you two meet up.

If you’d like to keep expenses to a minimum, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to have an excellent time without spending a dime.

Consider the following ideas as you build your list:

1. Cuddle. Sometimes when you’re both busy, you may forget how good it feels to cuddle up to each other and relax. It’s a great activity to enjoy when things have been stressful and you just need a calm break.

2. Go to the mall. You don’t have to spend money when you go to the mall, although it may be tempting. Walking the mall can be a great way to get out of the house without having to worry about the cold weather.

3. Listen to music. If you and your partner happen to share some musical tastes, you can always enjoy listening to music together. Chances are you can even find some live music at public winter festivals with no entry fee. 

4. Play video games. Video games are a popular choice for people of all tastes and ages. The variety is astounding! You can play a slow paced puzzle game against each other or get involved in more active games. Some of them can really draw you into the action. Plus, there are several free video game sites online.

5. Go to a friend’s house. Gathering with friends is always a good indoor activity you can enjoy together. Invite your friends over to your house for a mini winter party. Have a potluck dinner for a change of pace. This way, you share the cost of entertaining and everyone has fun.

6. Watch a movie. Agree on a genre and then find a good movie to watch together. You may be able to find one on TV or you can rent one for a day for a dollar or two. Afterward, compare your opinions on the movie or watch the DVD bonuses.

7. Go out in the snow. Take some time to play in the snow. After all, it’s not something that you can do anytime. Put on your winter gear and go for a walk. You can even bring out your inner child and make snow angels, build a funny snowman, or have a snowball fight.

8. Make a meal together. You can still have a romantic dinner even if you aren’t going out. Choose a nice meal that you can cook together. You’re probably used to either you or your partner cooking. It’ll be a nice change to have the two of you in the kitchen together.

9. Share memories. Spend some time reflecting on your past. It’s always fun to recall the beginnings of your relationship. It doesn’t matter if it was months or decades ago. It’s a great way to pass the time with your partner.

10. Play an indoor sport. Find a sport to play with your partner. Your local community center may provide access to courts as long as you’re a member of the community. Enjoying a sport together can bring you closer together in other areas as well. 

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you need to sit around and be bored. Try some of these activities together and take advantage of the winter to create some new memories!

We here at Hypnotherapy4u hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share with others.

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7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to discovering your life purpose. Unfortunately, though, nobody else can find it for you. Since your life purpose is unique from anyone else’s, it’s a mission that you – and only you – can complete.

In your quest for passion, concentrate on enjoying the journey itself. Sometimes when you stop stressing about your life’s purpose, it falls into your lap!

Here are some ways you can discover your life purpose:

1. Write about how you feel. Try journaling with a pen and paper, or grab your laptop and just start writing. Write about how you truly feel and what you want out of life. Remember that no one is going to read this other than you, so don’t be afraid to express your thoughts.

* Go back and reread your entries every so often. Many times this process can bring you new realizations that you didn’t think of when you were writing it in the first place.

2. Pursue your passions. If you’re passionate about a certain subject, maybe you can make a career or hobby out of it so that you can engage in activities that are personally meaningful to you. This way, each day of your life will feel like it matters and you will have a life purpose.

Know Your Life’s Purpose in 5 Minutes (Video) has 8.5 MILLION Views. 😉

3. Consider your talents. Think about the areas in which you naturally excel and see if you can turn these skills into something meaningful for you.

* Many people are drawn to a life purpose that makes them feel like they’re making a true difference in the lives of other people. You may find it fulfilling to be using something you’re good at to help others that are in need.

* For example, if you find that you’re good at comforting people, perhaps you can consider a career as a counselor.

  4. Converse with inspiring people. Strike up a conversation with someone who inspires you. While you might not be interested in the same things, you can talk about how they discovered their life purpose. Their triumphs and struggles will make good lessons for you in your journey to your purpose.

5. What brings you joy? Reflect on the moments in your life when you’re most happy. What are you doing at these times? You can start the quest for your life purpose by using what already makes you happy.

* Maybe you’re most happy when you’re just sitting at home with your family. That’s a wonderful gift!

* Remember that you’re not necessarily searching for something exotic! After all, your life purpose may already be under your nose.

6. Embrace change. Sometimes the thing that holds you back from self-discovery is a fear of change. There’s comfort and safety in not taking risks, but you also may never discover your life’s true purpose. Learn to embrace change because life is constantly changing around you.

7. Uphold your values. Everyone has a set of values that they tend to adhere to in life. You can use your values as a starting point to discovering you life purpose. Make a list of your values with your most important ones at the top. Think about what you can do to honor those values in life every day and you may find your purpose.  


Finding your purpose in life may not be as hard as you think. Use these strategies on your journey and one day soon you’ll realize that you’ve found the one feature of your life that makes everything worthwhile.

So what is your life’s purpose? Don’t know or it’s not as clear as you’d like it to be? Give us a try at Hypnotherapy4u.

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6 Ways to Overcome Panic

6 Ways to Overcome Panic

Panic is an emotion that everyone has felt at one time or another. Feeling panic is normal, but if panic is taking over your daily life, it’s time to take action to reduce it. Understanding what it is and what you can do about it can help immensely.

Panic serves a clear purpose in life. It gets your adrenaline pumping and allows you to act quickly to save yourself when you’re faced with danger. Humans are complex creatures, however, and your mind may create panic in situations where it wouldn’t help you.

Also, if these situations continue to arise, you may be dealing with a serious panic disorder, so please consult with your physician.

Here are some strategies that can help you overcome panic:

1. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing techniques can bring you a certain level of calm during any situation. When you start to feel panicked, you tense up and your breathing becomes quick or heavy.

* Take a moment to find your breath and take deep breaths in and out. The deep breathing will relax you and help you focus on taking in oxygen, instead of the stressful situation.

2. Watch your health. Your mental and physical health are all part of the same system. When you take care of yourself, many of your problems tend to right themselves. If you have a poor diet, lack exercise, or don’t sleep well, take action to correct these core problems. Doing this will often address your panic directly or indirectly.

 3. Seek professional help. Discuss treatment options with your physician and naturopath. There are natural treatments available as well as several well-studied prescription medications that can help with your anxiety and panic concerns. Your doctor will know best if you’re a good candidate for these medications.

* Remember that you must always take a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your health.

Here is a video of a national News anchor having a Panic Attack on air.

It can happen to anyone.

4. Address the problem. Try to locate the source of your panic. Are you only panicking in certain situations, or do you feel anxious at all times? If you can figure out the source of your panic, you can address the problem by facing your fear directly.

* Exercises to reduce your fears enable you to become more comfortable in situations that could set off a panic attack.

5. Deal with your stress. Panic is more likely to arise in a stressed mind. If you study certain relaxation methods, you can keep your stress level down and make it less likely for you to experience a panic attack. 

* There are many relaxation methods for you to choose from that can keep you healthy and happy. Practicing yoga, daily meditation, prayer, and listening to soothing music are just a few ideas.

* One of the best stress relievers is to make time for yourself each and every day. This time gives you a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and continue your day with renewed positive energy.

6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine can increase the frequency of panic attacks. To be on the safe side, avoid or limit their use. While this tip may not cure your symptoms, it can be an important factor for getting you back into a healthy mental state.


Symptoms of a panic attack can include:

  • Heightened vigilance for danger and physical symptoms

  • Anxious and irrational thinking

  • A strong feeling of dread, danger or foreboding

  • Fear of going mad, losing control or dying

  • Feeling lightheaded and dizzy

  • Tingling and chills, particularly in the arms and hands

  • Trembling or shaking, sweating

  • Hot flushes

  • Accelerated heart rate

  • A feeling of constriction in the chest

  • Breathing difficulties, including shortness of breath

  • Nausea or abdominal distress

  • Tense muscles

  • Dry mouth

  • Feelings of unreality and detachment from the environment.

Getting Help

Panic and anxiety fears are quite common and there is no shame in getting help. Recognize the triggers and early signs of panic and start fighting it. When you do, you’ll feel free once again!


Let’s get together and talk about how we can assist you in dealing with your panic attacks. Hypnotherapy4u.

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My Success Is My Responsibility

My success is my responsibility.

I know that I hold the key to success in my heart, mind and soul. 

I embrace my inner drive and determination, and it is this drive that converts my efforts into achievements.

I view obstacles as only temporary pauses in obtaining the success I am destined for.

When I am confronted with a challenge, I stare it square in the eye.

I wield my power over the challenge so it is unable to conquer me.

The bravery with which I approach challenges is the tool which helps to erase any fears I may have at the onset.

Winning is inevitable once I overcome those fears. 

I embrace my responsibility to ensure that each project I embark on yields positive results.

I relish my role as the master of my efforts. I believe in my ability to persevere because I often experience successful outcomes after consistent effort.

Today, my success is the focal point of my day-to-day exploits.

You might want to check out this video. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Each situation I encounter reminds me of my part in reaching my goals.

I happily go after every goal with the mindset that I deserve only the best and have what it takes to get it.

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. How do I empower others to rely on their own abilities to turn situations around?

2. Do I remain positive if I am unable to achieve success with something?

3. When challenges seem difficult to bear, how can I allow others to help?

Have you achieved all the success levels that you’ve wanted too? If not, what do you think is holding you back? Let’s unlock what’s holding you back together. Hypnotherapy4u.

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Keeping Calm in the Face of Confrontation

I Keep Calm in the Face of Confrontation.

My mindset is one of inner peace and calmness. 

I achieve more when my inner state of being is at ease, and that ease is aided by keeping calm when others confront me.

I honestly dislike confrontation because it makes me feel unsettled and uncomfortable. But I also know that I alone am responsible for the attitude I display in a particular situation.

I realize that it is unproductive to fight fire with fire.

If I react to a confrontational person in an aggressive manner, the outcome can only be negative. So I refrain from escalating the heat in a situation by maintaining a calm demeanor.

I am confident that my peaceful behavior helps to resolve conflict. 

Keeping my composure always results in a more amicable settlement.

I feel more powerful when I am able to keep my emotions under control.

I make an effort each day to respond positively to others, even if I am met with a negative attitude.

Today, my focus is on keeping calm in the face of confrontation. I realize that I have the responsibility to be a positive example to others so disagreements and differences can be settled peacefully.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is it sometimes better for me to walk away from confrontation?

2. How do I handle a situation if the other person starts to get physical?

3. Do I have what it takes to defend myself without being aggressive?

Need some assistance in ironing out how to handle confrontation? Give us a call for a free 10 minute consultation at Hypnotherapy4u.

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Does Having Less Turn into Having More?

Having less means more opportunity to improve my circumstances.

I am a positive thinker. 

I look at even the most intimidating circumstances as opportunities to come out on top.

I am unlimited in my self-confidence and the knowledge that I am worthy of winning. I embrace challenging circumstances.

Sometimes, I would like to be more capable than I am, but I also know that I have what it takes to open other doors to help me achieve my goals.

I am creative with my talents and can convert any circumstances to opportunities for indescribable success.

Even if I lose out on one opportunity, I can certainly prepare myself for the next. 

I give thanks for what I have and what I continue to receive. I know I am better off than many others, and for that I am continually grateful.

I avoid taking anything that is given to me for granted.

I treasure it and also share what I have with those around me.

Today, my life is all about making the most of what I have. I am happy with what has been given to me because I know I have the drive and determination to use my talents and abilities to go for more.

I see what I want and am committed to go after it with gusto.

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. Is it difficult for me to teach my children to be satisfied with what they have?

2. Do I share my talents and possessions with others?

3. Are there times when I am saddened because I lack sufficient resources?

We at Hypnotherapy4u, are here for you when you or someone you know needs us.

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Are you Enthusiastic ?

Enthusiasm permeates whatever I do.

Each day, I take part in situations, events, and tasks.

Some of these occurrences involve only me. But no matter what I am doing, I make every effort to do it with zeal, gusto, and spirit. 

I feel that whatever it is I am doing is worth my time. Therefore, I do it with enthusiasm.

Because I am enthusiastic about most tasks, I am rarely bored.

Life is full of fascinating people, places, and things. I want to experience all the best of what life has to offer.

I embrace every situation with zest. I make a conscious decision to jump in with both feet and develop a keen interest in whatever I am doing.

I find the day goes by faster when I stay enthused and consciously connected to what is going on around me.

My enthusiasm flows, regardless of whether I am washing the car, talking to a neighbor, or working on a favored project at the office.

I live life in living color because of my enthusiasm.

I put my all into each job and because I do, my life is better. 

My enthusiasm paves the way for many good things to happen to me. Today, I know I can bring enthusiasm to whatever I am doing.

I plan to take notice of each time I am enthusiastic this week.

I want to learn from those episodes about how to bring a vital interest and spirit to my world more often.

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. Do I consider myself enthusiastic? How important is it to me to show enthusiasm?

2. Which person around me is enthusiastic and full of zeal? Would I like to emulate that enthusiasm?

3. How do I react when someone near me is excited about what they are doing?

Please share this with someone who might find this useful. Hypnotherapy4u.

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Is Determination Important to you?

Determination is important to me.

One quality I am glad I possess is determination.  

Determination, to me, is the ability to go forward with a fixed idea of what I can accomplish.

My determination pushes me to get things done, plow through unsavory situations, and eventually achieve my goals.

When I am confronted with a challenge, I tell myself, “I know I can do this” and then I do.

Determination carries me through trials and tribulations. 

When I begin to struggle, I feel something inside of me “shift gears.” Then, I am in determination mode.

I put my emotional strength and brain power into the situation and push forward to reach the finish line for the goal at hand.

Each time I achieve a goal, no matter how small, my capacity for determination increases.

If it were not for determination, I am not sure where I would be now.

I can say without hesitation that my sense of purpose in life is largely fueled by my level of determination.

In any given day, I am presented with people, issues, and situations that test me in some way.

Resolving things in everyday life can be achieved, as long as I recognize the importance of my determination.

Today, my determination surrounds me. 

I am thankful that determination guides me to the results I desire in life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How determined am I to accomplish things in my everyday life?

2.What prevents me, if anything, from having the determination to reach my goals?

3. What can I do each day to strengthen my determination?

Call for a free 10 minute consultation with us at Hypnotherapy4u.

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Is it Hard to Be Yourself?

Developing the Courage to Cultivate Originality

Having the courage to be original really means being brave enough to be yourself. Certainly this can seem daunting and frightening, because to really live as you are means opening yourself up to the judgement of others. Usually, we shield ourselves from others to some extent. Each of us is uniquely valuable. So why hide the truth of who you are? Imagine what it might be like if everyone truly knew you, inside and out, what wonderful things you’re capable of, and how fully human you are, just like them. There can be a great, false comfort in conforming and keeping your head down. But you sacrifice ever knowing your true potential. And you risk boredom; when the path is fully laid out for you, there’s no adventure. Living with originality takes some courage for sure, but the rewards far outweigh the penalties of hiding your inner self.

Originality- The way to success.. 1.9 Million views can’t be wrong, can they?

Being original has a lot of perks:

1. Greater fulfilment and personal satisfaction. Life has more meaning when it’s 100% authentic.

2. Increased charisma. People will find you more interesting and pay attention to you more. Authentic people are attractive to pretty much everyone.

3. Greater ability to take risks and be creative. Your life will have more depth and you’ll experience more success in every part of your life.

4. Opportunity. By being original, you stand a chance to change the world. And regardless of what you do, you’ll surely be remembered. Only unique people do great things. Average people do average things.  

Try these ideas to cultivate your originality:

1. Be aware of who you are inside. This may take some thought, especially if you spend all day working and all night watching television. Regularly spend quiet time with yourself. Contemplate who you are and what you stand for.

2. Express yourself freely. Give your opinions without judging yourself, especially when you’re asked for them. Let people know what you think without being unkind. Allow yourself to have your own style, whether it’s your taste in music, your profession, or just what to wear today.

3. Avoid worrying about others’ opinions. The big secret is that they’re probably worried about what you think of them. Chances are good that nobody is spending much time thinking about any of us. And there’s nothing more attractive to others than someone that moves through the world confidently and without apology. * Just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. You’ll be surprised how easy it is once you try it. It’s analogous to being afraid of the dark; there’s simply nothing there to fear.

Consider famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and others. Do you know of another person who is anything like any of them? They’re originals. People who conform can never really stand out unless they’re in extraordinary circumstances. Maybe you’re not the next Albert Einstein, but how will you ever know if you decide to continue selling shoes all your life even though you want to quit and study physics? Being original is about having the courage to be yourself and letting the world know who you are. This isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary to truly experience the depth of your life. Have the courage to be unique! You’ll live in an intensely fulfilled way and you’ll be remembered long after you’re gone.

Would you like to map out your life, yet don’t know where to start? Call us: Hypnotherapy4u.

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What is Your Vision for Your Life?

Create a Vision for Your Life Today

You’ve probably heard that you can only get where you want to be if you know where you’re going. This pithy statement is as true now as the first time it was said. So how do you come to know where you’re going, so you can get where you want to be?

To start with, goals are crucial. When we set goals, what we’re really trying to do is to bring each piece of our lives in line with our overall vision for ourselves. Using a powerful vision-setting process can help you set more effective goals, since you can chart a course that will take you toward and support your vision. Do you have a vision for each segment of your life? Do you know where you’re headed spiritually, socially, relationally, physically, financially, and more?

Check out this 3 minute Goal Setting video.

Use this process to help you create a vision that works for you:

1. Write down your vision for a particular aspect of your life. Write a couple of paragraphs describing what you’d like to have or be. There’s no right or wrong. In fact, you probably won’t precisely articulate your dreams the very first time you try the exercise. A reasonable guess is a good place to start. * In writing your vision, avoid focusing on what you don’t want, because this will only bring about more of that. Turn your back on negativity and focus on what you do want to bring about. * For example, if you want more money: Avoid wording your statement like: “I don’t want to be poor anymore.” Instead, envision what it would be like to be rich, which is what you want, and write about what that would be like for you. * Although you may feel challenged when first learning to focus on what you want, it gets easier. Plus, the rewards are spectacular when you can do it consistently. You’ll start to notice that your life seems as if you can change it at will, which you can.

2. Visualize. Read your vision statement 2-3 times a day and imagine that aspect of your life matches your vision perfectly. How does your vision make you feel? Are you really excited and enthusiastic? Is it appealing to you on all levels? This shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to do each time.

3. Refine. If you feel really good about your vision, that’s great. If not, now is the time to make some alterations. Continue refining the image of your dream life until doing your visualization feels spectacular. Re-write each new version. * At this point, you may be wondering when this process ever ends. Fortunately, it never ends. Your vision will forever be changing slightly throughout your life, which is good, since your desires will also change over time.

4. Review your vision daily and ensure that it continues to attract you. This will rapidly usher change into your life. In turn, these changes will demonstrate that you’re actually moving towards that vision.

5. Create separate vision statements for all the areas of your life. Consider your finances, relationships, adventure, health, social life, and spirituality. If you can get all these visions to look just the way you want, imagine what your life will look like! Why Spend Time On This Process? Consider all the things you do every day. Everything you do is either helping you reach your vision or helping someone else reach theirs. Wouldn’t you rather help yourself reach yours? Creating a vision is the first step to creating the life you desire. Tweak your visions a couple of times a day and really focus on the experience of living that vision. This gets easier all the time, because imagining something enjoyable is pleasurable in itself. Don’t hesitate; create your visions today. Then, start reviewing and improving them immediately. Your life will change rapidly for the better. You’ll then be spending your time making your own visions a reality instead of making someone else’s dream come true.

You 1st goal is to call Hypnotherapy4u right now.

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Is a Stronger Ego Necessary?

Build a Stronger Ego


In self-help literature, we often read about the benefits of diminishing or eliminating the ego. Many write as though the ideal existence involves giving away all their stuff and doing away with attachment to anything. If that’s truly your calling, then go for it! But what if you want to just be a regular person and feel good about yourself? What if you want to have a rich and exciting life, whether or not you have material abundance? Is there a way?

Instead of associating ego with detrimental personal traits, you could associate a strong ego with strong character. With a developed ego, you learn to have a healthy sense of self. And a healthy sense of self helps you be a person of character. You can also work this in reverse: act like a person of character and you’ll learn to have a healthy sense of self. In other words, you’ll develop your ego.

What Is Character?

How do you act like a person of character? Here are some attributes to start with. Maybe you can think of some more that you’d like to demonstrate in your everyday life.

* Courage: The ability to move forward when uncertain or fearful. This gives you a lot more options than you have when you feel too timid or fearful to take action.

* Charity: When you help others, you help yourself even more in the end.

* Discipline: Asserting control over yourself and your daily habits will strengthen your ego.

* Adventure: Explore the world and its abundance of offerings. By having a better understanding of the world, you’ll understand yourself and others better.

* Honesty: People who act or speak dishonestly often do so because they’re trying to hide the truth about themselves. Be honest and upfront in all your dealings. Expanding Your Mind Strengthens Your Ego In addition to practicing good character, expanding your mind contributes to a happy and full life, strengthens your ego, and gives you more opportunities to demonstrate your character.

Consider these ways to use your mind for your benefit:

1. Evaluate your model of the world. How do you act in response to your model of the world? Can you reshape your actions to bring about more desired results?

2. Create a social support system that best serves you. Humans are social animals. Our interpersonal interactions and our environment have a significant impact on us. Fortunately, to some extent we all get to choose those around us. Include people in your life that support your highest vision of yourself.

3. Become more capable. The mind can take us all sorts of places, whether we want to go there or not. Ultimately, though, we can choose where we want to direct our mind. Use your innate intelligence to tell your mind where to direct attention. Choose your focus wisely and you can strengthen your character and lessen your fears. Eliminating the ego can involve withdrawing from and rejecting life as a whole. But growing your ego will result in engaging more with life. By building your character and your intellect, you’ll be able to bravely push forward and create the life you and your loved ones deserve.

Hypnotherapy4u is right with you when it comes to your success.

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Has the Absence of Delayed Gratification, Hurt Us in Any Way?

Become Happier and More Successful Through Delayed Gratification

Learning to delay gratification can make you happier and more successful in both your personal and professional life. 

Psychological studies confirm what many traditions have long taught about the power of mental training: a little self-discipline can yield great results! Here are some of the benefits of waiting for what you want, as well as techniques for becoming more patient.

Benefits of Delaying Gratification:

1. Improve your academic and job performance. Studies show that kids who learn to delay gratification get better grades and higher SAT scores. These gains usually continue throughout life, making them more satisfied and successful in their careers as well.

Kids Marshmallow Experiment Video

2. Enhance your relationships. As our patience increases, we become less vulnerable to anger and its tendency to drive others away from us. We learn to look at the big picture and take other’s feelings into account.

3. Become more physically fit. Studies also show that those less practiced at delayed gratification, or “low delayers,” tend to have higher body fat. If you appreciate the long term benefits of nutritious food and regular exercise, you’re less likely to overindulge in junk food.

4. Lower your risk of substance abuse. Drug addiction can be one of the most painful consequences of seeking immediate pleasure. Even legal activities like shopping or watching TV can be destructive if we take them to extremes and allow them to crowd out more meaningful endeavors.

5. Enjoy more contentment. Self control enables us to set goals and focus our energies on reaching them. We can make better choices, accomplish more and handle setbacks better.

Techniques for Delaying Gratification

1. Recognize the complexity of your mind. Many mental health experts now speak in terms of interactions rather than fixed personality traits. Try to identify the circumstances where you have trouble resisting temptation rather than labeling yourself as being weak. This can be helpful in making constructive changes in your life.

2. Divert your attention. Just turning your attention away from the cheesecake or the remark you find annoying will instantly make you a little happier and better behaved. The more you learn to control your thinking, the wiser you will become.

3. Take a pause. Pausing for a second can help you avoid reflexive responses that run against your best interests. Decide if it’s more important to see your kids or spend another hour at the office. Take that morning run rather than sleeping for another half hour if the exercise gives you more energy and keeps you healthier.

4. Think ahead. You can live in the moment and still be responsible about planning for the future. Find the balance that works for you.

5. Experiment with visualisation  When you’ve fallen in love with a pair of shoes that are too much for your budget, picture them as just a picture lacking any real substance. They’ll be easier to forget.

6. Contemplate impermanence. If such visualizations sound artificial, think about impermanence. Those $400 shoes could get scuffed the first time you wear them, but setting that money aside for retirement could give you a much better future.

7. Seek out good role models. Child psychologists find peer modeling to be a highly effective tool for character education. Whatever your age, pick up some valuable lessons by observing someone whose patience you admire.

8. Reinforce your new habits. Self control grows stronger the more we practice. Have fun finding the strategies that work best for you. Look for daily opportunities to delay gratification, whether it’s a monthly savings plan or transforming those late night snacks into a more nutritious breakfast. Throughout your life, you’re likely to spend a lot of your time waiting, so you might as well become good at it. Being able to delay gratification is one of the most important qualities you need to reach your goals. Fortunately, this is a skill that improves with practice!

Free 10 minute consultation, go to our website to get our phone number. Hypnotherapy4u.

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12 Rules to Increase Your Productivity

Here are 12 Rules to Increase Your Productivity

Does your productivity ever get hampered by your desire to find the best possible solution? As you seek the easiest or fastest route to your goal, you may find yourself stopped entirely. Sometimes you may even do this on purpose, to keep from having to make a decision.  

However, there’s a work-around. Maybe you’ve heard of the term, “heuristic.” Heuristics are rules that allow a solution to be found more quickly. With a heuristic, a resolution can be found even when the entire path isn’t clear from the onset.

For example, if there were no roads, but you lived in New York and wanted to make your way to California, a heuristic might be:

1. Walk west as far as you can.
2. Walk around any obstacle, if possible.
3. If faced with a mountain range, walk toward the space between 2 small peaks.
4. Repeat until reaching California.

Does this heuristic give you the most efficient solution? No; however, it will get you where you want to go, and you won’t waste a lot of time trying to make up your mind.

Try these behavioural heuristics to increase your productivity:

1. Choose the right time. Nearly everyone has times of the day when they are most effective and times when they tend to drag. It’s smart to schedule the most critical tasks for your most effective time of the day.

2. Toss it. If a task doesn’t really need to be done, just get rid of it altogether.

3. Get the bad stuff out of the way. Do the unpleasant items quickly and as early in the day as possible.

4. Set a goal each day (or night). In the morning, decide what you want to accomplish that day. This can be even more effective when planned the night before. Once you have a sense of direction, you can spend all your time getting things done!

5. Eliminate all communication. While you’re working, turn off the phone / cell phone, and don’t check your email. Hang a sign that says, “Do not disturb,” if necessary. You don’t have to do this for all your tasks, but at least do it during the more difficult items.

6. Batch similar tasks together. Do all your emailing at one time. Make all your phone calls at another. Open your snail mail during a set block of time. You’ll waste less time by doing your work in this fashion.

7. Set a timer. Even if a task might take hours, starting will seem easier if you simply give yourself 30 minutes to get as much done as you can. A time limit seems to help many people concentrate and work better, too.

8. Set targets. For example, if you have to make cold-calls for your sales job, tell yourself that you’re not getting up for any reason until you’ve made at least 100 calls. Regardless of what happens, refuse to stop until you hit your target.

9. Use the Pareto Principle. This principle states that 20% of the actions you could take will provide you with 80% of the benefits. So focus on the tasks that will accomplish the most. Unfortunately, these are frequently the tasks that are not enjoyable. You might be surprised how little you really have to do if you focus on the critical 20%.  

10. Delegate some of your work. Is there anyone else who can help you? The people around you are resources. When appropriate, use their time and talents wisely to get things done more quickly.

11. Set a deadline. Having a specific endpoint will really help to focus your time and energy. If a task doesn’t feel necessary, chances are that it won’t get done.

12. Increase your speed. It sounds silly, but this can really help. Try doing everything a little faster. Walk faster, talk faster, type faster, and read faster.

Implement these heuristics into your life and you’ll find yourself getting more done in less time. The ultimate secret is to stay on task and not waste any time. These rules will help you do just that.

Here at Hypnotherapy4u, we want you to be able to accomplish what ever you want. Give us a call today….

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Discover Your Strengths to Find the Right Career for You

Discover Your Strengths to Find the Right Career for You

Time to Take My Life to Another Level

To have a career that really fits you, you must first understand your strengths. We’re not talking about knowledge or skills; those are things you’ve learned and developed. Think of strengths as natural attributes that give you a significant advantage over the average person. Your immediate response might be, “I’m not particularly good at anything.” Nothing could be further from the truth! But as in most things, you do attract what you expect. If you expect to find your strengths, they’ll make themselves known. Everyone has natural abilities, including you! Assess Your Strengths Take a few minutes now and think about the things you can do better than at least 90% of the population. These may be mental things like mathematical skills or processing large amounts of information quickly. Maybe you have a talent for organization. Or perhaps you have an unusual ability to make friends, deal with children, influence people, or lead others. Keep an open mind. You are better at something, even if just one thing, than nearly anyone you know. Starting today, allow yourself about a week to list the attributes that pop into your mind. It might take a little time to get a complete accounting of your abilities, so start as soon as possible, and have patience. If you’re feeling stumped, check the internet. There are websites with assessments geared toward finding your career-related strengths. Or scope out your local library; they undoubtedly have at least a few of the many books available on this topic. Get Practical Now you’ve taken a week or so to assess your strengths. You have a clear picture of what they are, but how can you use them in your career? Looking at jobs you’ve had in the last five to ten years, ask yourself what tasks you’re naturally good at. Also consider what tasks cause you to struggle. Do you have a sense that you were able to mostly take on projects that you were good at? Or did you feel relegated to tasks that didn’t use your strengths? Naturally, you’ll feel a much greater sense of fulfillment if your career allows you to utilize your strengths on a daily basis. And you’ll probably struggle and feel unhappy in a job that requires a lot of time to be spent on your weaknesses. Now that you know what your strengths are, though, you can start your search for a career that will allow you to use them.

You’ll know that you’re in a job that uses your strengths when you begin to see the following:

1. A great increase in productivity. When you’re doing something that you’re naturally good at, you’ll accomplish a lot.

2. Much better results. The results you see at work can be spectacular when you’re doing something that plays into your strengths.

3. A better income. How could you not get paid more when you’re doing something at which you excel?

4. Much more enjoyment. All the above help to make life more pleasant. Plus, you may find that using your strengths is enjoyable in itself.

5. A greater sense of fulfillment. We all feel better when we’re providing more value to the world and experiencing success every day. With all of these rewards waiting for you in the right job, you won’t want to let another day pass without looking for it! Find a career that allows you to use your strengths daily, and you’ll be on your way to the rich and fulfilling life you’ve been dreaming about.

How does this stack up to what you’re doing?

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The Importance of Playing Outdoors with Your Children

The Importance of Playing Outdoors with Your Children

Computers and other gadgets have become pivotal in the lives of most people under 50. Technology is infused into the everyday lives of your children in ways most of us never imagined. Whatever happened to playing outside? Most technology involves a lot of sitting still, which doesn’t use our children’s natural abundance of energy. However, if you’ve ever tried to get your kids to unplug from these devices, you know what a chore that can be! You’ve most likely set limits on how long your kids can fiddle with their gadgets. However, they’ll probably need help finding things to do when they’re not allowed to plug in. Why not play outside as a family?   

Take advantage of these benefits of old-fashioned fun outdoors:

1. Demonstrate the importance of outdoor activities. If your kids see you take the time to stop what you’re doing inside and go outside to do something completely different, they’ll assume it must be the thing to do. Play outdoors consistently with them from an early age, and they’ll adopt your active lifestyle.

2. Offer quality time. Spending time outside with your kids provides wonderful opportunities to see what they like to do. You can also offer them activities from your own life. Teach them how to play freeze tag and all those other “old-fashioned” games you used to play outdoors.

3. Get physical. When outside, most people are moving around physically. Riding bikes, going for a jog, walking, throwing around the football, or playing kick ball are healthy outdoor activities. You’ll get a good workout and so will your kids.

4. Develop your children’s coordination. Whether you’re tossing a ball, walking around the block, or riding bikes, your child’s dexterity and coordination will grow when you regularly play outdoors together.

5. Grow their passions. Being consistently active outdoors with your kids introduces them to various activities. They just may find some that bring joy and fascination to their lives. * There’s no reason this has to mean sports or competitive games if your kids aren’t into those. You may have a budding naturopath on your hands, or a marine biologist. But if you didn’t go outside together as a family, you’d never know, and neither would they

6. Unwind. There’s no better way to teach your children how to discharge stress than to go outside and connect with nature every day. You’ll feel better, calmer and more relaxed, and so will your kids.

7. Make memories and traditions. Being outside together is a family activity you can practice all your lives. Whether your kids are 5, 15 or 25 years old, if they grew up playing outdoors with you, you’ve got an easy family tradition you can do anywhere. Although letting your kids play endlessly with their computers or video games may seem easier than a battle of the wills, physical activity is still crucial, especially for growing bodies. Make an effort to squeeze outdoor time into the schedule, even for 30 minutes a day. You’ll feel better, connect more, and discover all kinds of wonderful things about yourselves and each other!

What do you think about this? Please let us know. Hypnotherapy4u.

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The Power of Mastering the Basics!

The Power of Mastering the Basics

Mastering the basics is critical to success. Whether you’re talking about playing chess, playing golf, or investing in real estate, a good foundation is crucial to accomplishment. While getting lost in the details can seem easy, stick to the basics and you’ll win big. Of course, the real experts in any field can do some incredible things that the beginner cannot. But the real difference between a pro and a novice is simply that the expert is much better and more effective at the basic tasks that are fundamental to that skill.

Wax On, Wax Off

Let’s look at three simple ideas about how to master the basics in your field of choice. Real success will be sure to follow.

1. Expect mastery. You’ll rarely exceed your own objectives, so expect a lot from yourself. If you’re taking up golf, tell yourself that you’re going to someday be one of the world’s greatest golfers. While this may or may not be true, by adopting this approach, you remove any self-imposed psychological ceiling on your ultimate level of achievement. * Another approach is to imagine that you’re eventually going to have to teach this skill to someone else. You’ll need to know what you’re doing so thoroughly that you can explain it to anyone.

2. Think about the long-term. Many people want to rush through the basics to get to the more interesting information. Or perhaps they believe that the more advanced work is where real power lies. But even with just a mastery of the basics, you can have huge successes. And to excel at the advanced work, you must first know where to start. * For example, if you don’t understand the basics of chess, you’re never going to have the foundation to support understanding the finer nuances of the game. If you don’t master algebra, how will you ever be able to master calculus? * Professional golfers spend the majority of their off-season doing nothing but perfecting the basics. They have a coach who works with them on their golf swing. That’s largely all they do. How many times have they already swung a club in their lives? * Also, remember that the guy instructing the professional golfer can’t play golf as well as the professional he’s teaching! He just knows how the swing works, which is the foundation of all of the advanced skills.

3. Avoid getting fancy. Always question the assumption that the solution to your current challenge is complicated. Ask yourself if the problem is really the result of a shortcoming in one or more basic skills. Rarely is some fancy technique going to be the answer. * If you can’t boil an egg well, a space-age pot isn’t going to help you become a better chef. If you can’t strike a golf ball well, a $2,000 set of new golf clubs isn’t going to do much to improve your golf game. Thoroughly mastering the basics will take time, but it’s time that’s well spent. There are no shortcuts to real success. Adding a new skill to your repertoire is much easier if you have the expectation of first getting a good handle on the foundational skills. Time devoted to the basics is the key to long-lasting progress and success.

I absolutely love this article. Keep to the basics………

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Why Would You Want to be Kind?

Why Would You Want to Be Kind?

When you keep the idea of kindness in the forefront of your mind, you’ll reap incredible peace and satisfaction. Plus, you’ll bring joy and serenity to the lives of others.

Take a look at the following suggestions of how to go about thinking, living and breathing kindness. You’ll find yourself loving life more and more when you carry out these simple  acts of kindness each day.                                                                                        

1. Focus on kindness. In the morning when you brush your teeth, think about how you’ll be good to others today. * Maybe you’ll call your grandmother to let her know you’re thinking about her. Perhaps you’ll help your neighbor carry in her groceries. You might even choose to refrain from arguing with your spouse when he’s in a challenging mood.

2. Avoid office gossip. Side-stepping whenever people “invite” you to join their negative talk is a true demonstration of kindness. Keep yourself from listening to unpleasant statements about others and refrain from adding anything to the conversation. Now that’s covert kindness at its best.

3. Give recognition and validation. Everyone wants to be recognized for something. They want people to understand them and let them know they’re important in some way. Whenever you see people working is a great time to practice this essential skill. Try it at your workplace.

4. Contemplate new ways to be kind. As you see a co-worker walking toward you, quickly consider ways you can radiate kindness right now. Can you genuinely compliment her in some way, say how happy you are to see her, or comment on her hard work on a project?

5. Consider friends who may be struggling. If you know someone who’s experiencing a particular life challenge, ask yourself, “If I was in her position, what type of help would I want from others? A social evening out with friends to unwind? A quiet listener?” Then, provide this for the person as an act of kindness.

6. Use technology to be kind. Think of how wonderful it is to get a text from someone who tells you how much you helped her or how much you matter to her. Texting is quick and easy, yet it can be used to send a powerful and kind message to someone. The same goes for e-mail. * These acts of kindness take only seconds to type but can have a huge positive impact on people you care about.

7. Think of yourself as an instrument of kindness. When you believe you can greatly affect the feelings of others through simple acts of kindness, you’ll be compelled to act in this manner. * Have you considered that maybe you were put on this earth to be kind to others? If you believe it’s your job, role or destiny to be good to others, you’ll begin to behave with kindness all the time. Being kind to others will bring you serenity and comfort like nothing else will. Sure, making a habit of this will take some effort, but you’ll be surprised at how little. As you consistently remind yourself to be good to others, practicing kindness will become second nature for you.

Just practicing these simple steps with be a game changer in your life. Try it, you’ll see. 😉

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Use Your Feelings to YourAdvantage

Use Your Feelings to Your Advantage

Are you ruled by intense feelings that seem out of your control?

Although emotions may seem to arise out of nowhere, they’re really just feedback in response to our thoughts. They’re like road signs pointing us toward what we want in life. Emotional feedback can either be positive or negative, depending on several factors. Everyone loves positive feelings, so there’s little need to work with those. Instead, we’re going to focus on negative feelings in this article.

When you know how to use negative feelings to your advantage, a whole new world of happiness and success will appear to you. What’s the Source? If you’re currently experiencing a negative emotion, ask yourself what the cause is. What were you just thinking about? Now ask yourself why that thought is creating a negative emotion. Your negative emotion is merely telling you that something is wrong. It’s analogous to putting your hand on a hot stove. Your hand hurts to prompt you to move it. This protects you from suffering further harm. That negative sensation tells you that something needs to be remedied so you can feel better again. Frequently, when you encounter negative emotions, you’ll find that you’re doing something that’s out of alignment with your values or goals. Alternatively, you may be experiencing fear that you’ll soon need to act in this way.

A Call to Action:

Now that you have some idea what’s causing your negative emotion, what do you do with it? The best possible use of feedback is to take action. Do you feel lonely? Then make some plans to get out and spend some time with friends. Are you experiencing stress about money? Make a budget, reduce your bills, or devise a plan to earn more. If you’re not sure how to remedy your negative emotions, just imagine taking a particular action and see how your feelings change. As you imagine various actions, pick the one that feels most thoroughly good to you.

Achieving Your Goals:

Want a great tool for predicting if you’ll reach a goal? Imagine achieving the goal. Then think about everything it would likely take to get there. How does it feel? The thought of making $50,000 next month sounds great, but how do you feel when you really think about it? Are the emotions and thoughts all positive? If so, you’ll probably do it. This thought probably causes you some discomfort, though, or you’d be on your way to the 50k already. See if some of these thoughts are preceding your uncomfortable emotions: * How would I ever do it? * What would I do with the money? * I’ll probably have to do something illegal or immoral. * I’ll definitely have to do something I don’t want to do. * What will my friends think? If you’re not filled with a sense of enthusiasm, you’re probably thinking something negative about the idea of making 50k next month. And with thoughts like this, you’re very unlikely to be successful. On the other hand, if you can eliminate these thoughts and feelings with appropriate action, you’re much more likely to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Unpleasant though our negative emotions may be, they’re truly a gift. They let us know when we’re getting off track, and provide constant feedback from our subconscious. Learn to utilize your feelings effectively, and you’ll have a huge advantage at anything you do.

We just scratched the surface with this brief article. If you’d like more information, just give us a call. Hypnotherapy4u

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