Can Healthy Competition Lead to Success?

How Healthy Competition Can Lead To Success


Give it your all!

Although you may think of competition as something you watch on television or at your local sports complex, do you realise that some elements of competition permeate your life in all sorts of other ways?

Consider these benefits of healthy competition:

1. Cultivate creativity. Competing in sports, business, or your personal life gives you a chance to show others what you can do.

* Developing your creativity can help you be better at other endeavours you hope to accomplish in life. Competing draws out your creative nature and allows you to practice being creative.

Do your best

2. When you compete, you have the opportunity to strategise. How will you figure out how to make it through the maze of your current challenges? It’s good for you to ponder how you want to play a situation so you can design your own plan of action.

* Building your strategic skills during competition can transfer into other areas of your life. Keep sharpening those skills because they will come in handy in the future.

3. Learn to fight fair. In order to take part in healthy competition, you must follow the rules and know how to fight fairly. If you’ve competed in sports in the past, you know that you win some and lose some.

* Avoid focusing on the outcome. Instead, realise that you learned the rules of the game and how to fairly compete within certain guidelines.

* Regardless of your walk of life, it’s helpful knowing how to compete with integrity.

* When you stay within the parameters of fairness, you can gain closure, knowing that you fought a good fight and that nobody lost.

4. Cooperation is the key to success. You likely learned cooperation through taking part in activities and playing sports as a youngster. Did you ever think that knowledge would last for so many years to come? Cooperation will often help you get ahead in life.

* Think about the benefits of being on a team, whether at work or at play. How exciting is it to work with others towards a common goal and achieve success?

* Whether the goal was to win a soccer game, complete a project at work, or sell a certain amount of goodies at a bake sale, you saw the positive results that come from working harmoniously with others.

5. How you view your own abilities is important. What kind of competitor are you? When you see yourself as a strong competitor, you’ll likely embrace competition and succeed in life. This is true whether you are on the basketball court, at home playing a video game, or in the boardroom interviewing for your dream job.

6. Striving to achieve is powerful. The feeling you get when you compete is unmatched by anything else in life. This element of competition beats all the others, hands down. When you truly want to win at something, you’ll pull out all the stops to attain it.

Always play fair.

* The passion you feel for the “game” at hand will drive you forward to make the goal, win the race, or complete the project. Never underestimate the incredible power of your will to compete. This drive will eventually help you to fulfil your dreams. The elements of competition are likely imprinted in your brain. Regardless of the situation, it’s a fact that you flourish in life when you decide to join in and compete. Tap in to your competitive spirit to achieve whatever it is that you want. The possibilities are endless! Contact Us anytime….

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